Fall For All

Client: Missouri Tourism
Project: Fall For All
Agency: H&L Partners
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Starting in 2015, the State of Missouri wanted to showcase the beautiful fall colors and sites that Missouri has to offer.  The “Fall For All” concept was created to show the five main regions of the state, breaking down each area into Fall Colors, Festivals, Outdoors, Food & Drink and Lodging.  The top of each section featured a full-screen HTML5 video background loop and an animated navigation.  As each section is scrolled through by the user, imagery and content reveals itself including featured locations around the state.

The site itself is largely static and features several custom-written Javascript plugins that integrate an events calendar, and a locations API to provide maps, location details, and contact information.  The layout is completely responsive and adapts to a completely different mobile experience with an app-like interface.

Credits: I was the developer on this project while at H&L Partners.
Tags: API, HTML5, Javascript, Video

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