STL Live

Client: St. Louis CVC
Project: STL.Live Website
Agency: H&L Partners
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Launched in December 2016, the STL.Live website was designed and created at H&L Partners.  The website was written in PHP on the Laravel Framework and utilized a custom API for content delivery and a custom JavaScript framework for displaying and managing content on the front-end of the website.

The front-end framework includes a flexible grid layout generator that fills the screen with social media imagery and then overlays video, photo, and social media content.  The system is completely responsive and uses a variety of detection methods to adapt the website and content for viewing on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Live video tiles on the website are loaded based on the availability of Facebook Live videos which are streamed by members of the STL.Live Facebook group. Video streams are automatically detected and included through the custom API.

Credits: I was the developer on this project while at H&L Partners.
Tags: API, HTML5, Javascript, Laravel, PHP, Responsive

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